The Netherlands: The Common Linnets Fly To Austria

by Roy Knoops 446 views

The Common Linnets, the country-bluegrass band from The Netherlands who achieved a second place in this years’ Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen, are enjoying success across Europe with their Eurovision entry Calm After The Storm.

They have plans to visit several European countries as promotion. On Monday the 26t May, they visited Austria, the winning country of Eurovision this year.

Ilse DeLange, who is the initiative behind The Common Linnets-project, visited the show Ö3-Mittagscharts of the Austrian radio broadcaster Ö3. Host Benny Hörtnagl welcomed Ilse and her band members JB Meijers and Jake Etheridge (co-composers of Calm After The Storm) in his show. Waylon, who performed the song during the Eurovision Song Contest together with Ilse DeLange, unfortunately was not present due to obligations regarding his solo-album, that will be released in September 2014. But Ilse had great substitutes in JB Meijers and Jake Etheridge, and together they performed a special version of their current hit, Calm After The Storm at the Ö3-Heiligenstadt-Studios.

Ilse Delange stated that she is overwhelmed by the success of the song, and that performing in Eurovision was the best choice of her life. She enjoys the international appreciation very much. Ilse also thanked Austria, because The Common Linnets ranked at number 3 in the Ö3 Austria Top 40, saying she will soon return with the whole band for a concert.

That evening, Ilse DeLange and her Common Linnets gave a surprise concert in Austria’s capital city, Vienna. This exclusive underground experience took place at the venue Replugged Vienna, and was free for the first 150 lucky ones to arrive. The Common Linnets gave an intimate performance and captivated the Austrian public.

The Common Linnets is a pure country/bluegrass/folk project initiated by Dutch pop-country singer Ilse DeLange, and currrently consists of several band members and singing partner Waylon. Together with Waylon, Ilse represented The Netherlands at this years’ Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen, Denmark. As The Common Linnets, they achieved a second place with 238 points, the highest amount of points ever for The Netherlands and the countries fifth best achievement in the contest (after four victories). Their song Calm After The Storm has proven to be the biggest Eurovision-hit this year, topping the music charts of various European countries. Their self-titled album is also enjoying international success.

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