Norway: Alexander Rybak- from a Fairytale Into a fantasy

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The winner of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest will have a song in the soundtrack of DreamWorks’ next movie.

Alexander Rybak has a predilection for fantasy. The Norwegian singer won the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest for his country with Fairytale. Then he voice-dubbed the main-character in the Norwegian speak version of the movie How to train your dragon, released in Norway as Dragetreneren. He will again give his voice to the young Viking Hikken in the Norwegian-language version of the second installment.

But that will not be his only role in How to train your dragon 2. We learned that a few weeks before the upcoming world premiere of the Dreamworks production, Rybak presented a song to the team behind the production of the movie. The tune pleased them so much that they decided to include it in the movie soundtrack.

Into a fantasy is the title of the song, a happy positive one that will include a big part of violin-playing.

Alexander will perform across Europe soon for the promotion of his new song, which will be released in due course, along with its video clip.

Alexander Rybak won the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest with Fairytale for Norway, getting the highest number of points to date in the history of the Contest.

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