Copenhagen 2014 : iTunes charts, who is the real winner so far?

by Stephane London 1,404 views

48 hours after Conchita Wurst’s victory at the 59 Eurovision song contest in Copenhagen, it is time to analyse the iTunes charts from around the world. Conchita Wurst and The Common Linnets are currently enjoying some high rankings across Europe.

Conchita Wurst is at the moment topping 7 iTunes single charts. Indeed she is number one in Austria, Finland, Greece, Malta, Switzerland and perhaps more surprisingly Belarus and Russia. She is top 5 in 16 other countries including Lebanon and top 10 in 6 other countries. On a more noticeable note, she has entered the iTunes charts in The United States, Colombia, Mexico, Taiwan, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Mauritius, Canada, South Africa, Ecuador or Brazil…

The Common Linnets finished second of the contest and have entered the charts in several countries as well. They are currently topping the iTunes charts of 10 countries : their own country, The Netherlands, Latvia, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Slovenia, Lithuania, Ireland, Estonia and Norway. They are also in 9 top 5 and in 5 top 10. Across the other continents, they have entered the charts in South Africa, Vietnam, Namibia, Qatar and Colombia.

Sanna Nielsen from Sweden, 3 rd of the contest, secured 13 top 10 and entered the charts in Qatar as well.

The 3 acts have also made their way in the Australian iTunes charts.

Official charts will be published throughout the next 7 days in different countries. Stay tuned on in the coming weeks to find more about charts success of the 2014 contestants.