Israel: Mei Finegold second day rehearsal and press conference

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The Israeli representative has been rehearsing on the stage of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest for her second day. The most repeated word around the B&W Hallerne is “strut”.

Mei Finegold appeared in the rehearsals of Same heart together with her backing dancers Shiran Lagziel and Marin Termetz. Her dance routine has made a big impression. The host of the press conference even attempted one of the steps with the help of Mei.

When asked about the song and the use of English and Hebrew, Mei explained that the song was originally written in English by Rami Talmid. The addition of some lyrics in Hebrew has made it more organic. The singer feels very comfortable with the song. Even though she did not compose it, she perceives it as her child. I adopted it, she said.

The strut had to be in it

On stage she performs her “strut”. The idea came up when creating the routine; “the strut felt good in the song. It had to be in it.” The result has made quite an impression, reinforcing the artist’s determination to keep on strutting

Mei is not a newcomer to the stage. She recalls singing since she was 4 years old, and was lead singer in kindergarten. At that age she also took classical dance lessons, so she has been performing for a long time. Indeed, she took part in an Israeli musical, Kazablan. For her role she received the Best Supporting Actress Israeli theatre award in 2013. That has not left her much time for recording a new album since Soda Pop in 2010, she explained.

Though her favorite Israeli Eurovision entry is Diva by Dana International, Mei Finegold is quite a fan of all the songs that Israel has sent to the Eurovision Song Contest. She was happy with every song representing her country, and she does not recall disliking any of them.

Mei Finegold will represent Israel in the 2nd semi-final of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest with Same heart.

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