Australia: first appearance, first press conference

by Stephane London 151 views

This year, Australia has been granted the honour to sing at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Indeed, Jessica Mauboy will be singing during the second semi-final as the interval act. This morning, they held their very first press conference. Paul Clarke, the head of delegation, Jessica Mauboy, Australian singer and Julia Zemiro, Eurovision commentator for Australia took part.

Paul Clarke mentioned that last year, the Eurovision Song Contest final attracted more than 3 million viewers in Australia, an impressive figure, considering than the country has just over 22 million inhabitants. After a question regarding the idea that Australia could perhaps vote, he mentioned that Australia would love to take part in the contest and that last year, Eurovision was leading the number of tweets for a short period of time.

Sharing culture

Jessica Mauboy, an Australian singer of Aborigine descent, will perform in the second semi-final as interval act. She has performed for the likes of Obama and Beyoncé in the past. She has written the song especially for Eurovision, a contest she used to watch as a youngster in Perth with her dad, which is why it’s a like a dream come true for her. She loves the idea of sharing her culture with the rest of Europe and vice-versa.

She revealed that her performance will involve connection. She also talked about her dress that she described as spectacular and very fitted. She is also enjoying her time in Copenhagen, bike riding, visiting Tivoli and its rides, the food… Finally she revealed her favourite Eurovision winner: Loreen.

Julia Zemiro has been commenting the contest since 2009 for Australia and brought a relaxed and fun atmosphere with her in the press conference. When a journalist asked a question about which country Jessica would love to represent, Julia stepped in and said France (she was born in France).

Jessica will sing in the second semi-final in the interval act on 8 May 2014. Her entry will be available to download on legal platforms right after her performance.