Eurovision 2014: The bookmakers opinion…

by Luke Borg 3,220 views

Eurovision 2014 is only a week away so let’s take a look at which songs, people are putting their money on!

As of 1 May, the winner according to online betting offices will be Armenia, followed by Sweden, with Denmark completing the Top 3. The least popular country to win is Georgia, followed by San Marino and Portugal. The full top 10 looks like this:

  1. [Armenia] Armenia
  2. [Sweden] Sweden
  3. [Denmark] Denmark
  4. [Ukraine] Ukraine
  5. [United Kingdom] United Kingdom
  6. [Norway] Norway
  7. [Hungary] Hungary
  8. [Azerbaijan] Azerbaijan
  9. [Israel] Israel
  10. [Romania] Romania


Semi Final 1

Armenia is the favourite to win the first semi final on Tuesday followed by Sweden, Hungary and Ukraine.
Latvia is the most bet on to finish last in Semi 1.

Semi Final 2

Norway is the favourite to win the second semi final on Thursday followed by Romania, Greece and Austria.
Georgia is the most bet on to finish last in Semi 2.

Big 5

The favourite from the Big 5 countries is United Kingdom followed by Spain. This is how the Top5 looks:

  1. [United Kingdom] United Kingdom
  2. [Spain] Spain
  3. [Italy] Italy
  4. [Germany] Germany
  5. [France] France

Bookmakers are also predicting that there will be no nul points at this years contest! Stay tuned to for more news live from Copenhagen Denmark.

Do you think the bookmakers will get it right this year?