Copenhagen live: Second half of day three rehearsals

by Robin Scott 96 views

We have reached song number 6 on this third day of rehearsals.

The Macedonian song starts with two spotlights. One moves from either side of the stage, joining to become one, then dispersing. That’s where we find Tijana, standing in the middle of where the lights meet. She performs with a male dancer performing with her inside what becomes a white square. His moves are almost balletic as he glides closer to Tijana and then further away. At times the floor becomes like a spiro giro, for those of you who are old enough to remember! You see the square, which grows and dimishes, then the wavy patterning, returning to the square and consistently alternating. There are three backing singers who move from the back to the middle of the stage  either side of the two main performers. The song builds in intensity with the stage being flooded with white light and ends.

Sebalter from Switzerland is here to whistle his way through this year’s Eurovision. To me the two songs which should not be too close to each other would be Malta and Switzerland. It’s a happy, toe tapping performance and the boys on stage are having fun. This spreads out and it’s hard not to smile. The staging contains lots of golden swirls. Each country was able to chose how it was performed on this big stage.

Before I describe the Greek performance I have to say that I watched the end of it open mouthed. The guys from Freaky Fortune are very happy on stage. They smile, which many artists don’t and just ‘do their own thing’. This is the same commercial, young, up-tempo song as ever. Nick Raptakis and RiskyKidd use both the walkways and cover the whole stage more than you could ever imagine. That’s where my OMG moment happened. Getting close to the song’s end we see what is behind the group, and it’s a trampoline and trampolinist doing what one does! What is starting is that our two vocalists join him, bouncing around until they all end up flat on their backs. Something to look forward to!

Blue is the colour for Slovenian Tinkara Kovač. With a swirling floor below her and a background of predominantly blue colour, with white lines, it matches that of the Eurovision logo. As the song progresses the background turns to more vibrant colours. As for the performance, there is neither anything complicated about it nor any special effects. It’s sung well.

We move on to our last song of the day. We are talking about Romania. The performance starts with Ovi on stage and Paula at the end of a walkway. She isn’t long there and so joins him for the duet. The vocals are nothing less than perfect with Paula exercising her vocal range to the full. The only item that is on the stage apart from the performers, is an unusual artefact! It’s a circular keyboard which Ovi stands inside. The reaction of the assembled press and fans was disbelief. Maybe as they had never seen anything like this before. There is nothing bad about the song but it does seem to lose some of the magic we witnessed previously.

Stay tuned to and follow the proceedings here in Copenhagen at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014

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