Spain: Ruth and TVE press conference

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The Spanish 2014 Eurovision representative Ruth Lorenzo gave her last press conference in Madrid before leaving for Copenhagen.

Ruth Lorenzo has come a long way since she was chosen to sing for Spain in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. She will land in Copenhagen on 3 May. Today she gave one last press conference in Spain to offer a few more details about her planned performance and to express her feelings.

The performance and the preparations

I’ve enjoyed these last months, and I’m taking care of every detail because I want to win and my performance must be outstanding.I’m treating my bid with more respect than a single, because I respect the Eurovision fans, explained the singer. She even confessed that after every performance the first thing she does it check the fans posts in Twitter.

Ruth has quite a hectic and demanding week ahead of  her: shows for the Spanish broadcaster RTVE, signing CDs today and the last fitting sessions for her Eurovision dress. The latter appears to be quite an important piece to prepare. As Ruth stated, it‘s the most important dress of my life. I want it to be beautiful. But she did not give any more details about her dres…

As the Spanish entry is about Dancing in the rain, the question of the water on the stage has become a trending topic whenever Ruth speaks about this matter.  According to her, there seems to be a bit of a drought in Denmark. Due to technical issues we couldn’t have rain on stage, but I was so insistent that I’ll have some water around me.

The participants

Ruth is going to participate in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest and she wants to win, but she also has her own favorites. Her top three are Aram Mp3, Conchita Wurst and Molly.

Lorenzo sees much talent this year. Besides, she believes that all the artists she has met so far have an artistic soul, they love music and they do not crave the competition. Everyone’s going to do their best, she added.

The Contest

Ruth will do her best for making Spain win. She feels confident about her entry, and the support she had when she was chosen by the Spanish audience has contributed greatly to it. In her own words, when my people, my country voted for me… that filled me with strength.

Her only concern for her performance: the audio. If I look worried, I don’t hearmyself well. If I hear myself me perfectly through the earpiece, I’ll be at ease.

Last but not least, Ruth Lorenzo said that she has a preference for singing during the second half of the Final, preferably to perform in  the 22nd position. In any case, as close as possible to the voting sequence…

Ruth Lorenzo will sing Dancing in the rain for Spain in the Final of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.

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