Introducing 2014 – Israel

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Thirty – seven countries are competing with the aim to lift the trophy in Copenhagen. The next country to be introduced is Israel. Singing for Israel this year is Mei Finegold.

Artist Information

Artist – Mei Finegold
Song – Same heart
Composer (s) – Rami Talmid
Writer (s) – Rami Talmid
Event – Semi final two
Position – 2

Before her first birthday, Mei Finegold’s parents knew she was born to sing. At just 8 months old, Mei had already learned how to whistle, showing early signs of what she was capable of as a performer.

Starting out in the industry was not an easy task. During her teenage years, performing was difficult due to lack of finances. Despite this, Mei continued to be involved in the arts through singing in a local choir and taking music lessons.

Eventually, the hard work paid off. When she was in her late teens to mid twenties, Mei had established herself as a well respected underground rock singer in Israel, and was in demand all over the country. But it was in 2009 when Mei really made her marked in the industry.

At 26, Mei competed in the popular Israeli talent show A Star Is Born. A favourite from the start, Mei attracted the media’s attention due to her avant-garde vocals and wild performances. At the end of season, Mei finished 3rd. Between 2010 and 2013, Mei became an award-winning actress in musical theatre, and also gave birth to her baby girl Emily.

Her next achievement is to give Israel it’s fourth win at the Eurovision Song Contest.

 Same heart


Want to sing-a-long? Well you can! Please find below the lyrics to Same heart.

You fill me up
With poisoned love
You fill my soul
With sins, but I have learnt to grow

And now, too many lies
Too many cries
They are as long as the infinity
I’m, starting to rise
Don’t need to be criticised
I’m, not an animal in captivity

I’m, skinning you out
No longer a part
We don’t beat from the same heart

אתה שותק
אני שבויה
מתוך מילים
נוצרה דממה

זמן לקום בלי חשש
לבחור מחדש
והשמש תתגלה אליי

דם, בוער לא נרדם
הכח בי קם
החופש כבר קורא לי לשם

מתוך הדממה אל
אוויר לנשימה
לא אחסיר עוד פעימה

זמן לקום ולבחור
שמיים ואור
לא אחסיר עוד פעימה.

And it’s time for me to clean up your mess
I will take it without any regrets
And it’s time for me to open my eyes
And to recognise
We don’t beat from the same heart

I’m, skinning you out
No longer a part
We don’t beat from the same heart

We don’t beat from the same heart

We don’t beat from the same heart

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