Introducing 2014 – Moldova

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Thirty – seven countries are competing with the aim to lift the trophy in Copenhagen. The next country to be introduced is Moldova. Singing for Moldova this year is Cristina Scarlat.

Artist Information

Artist – Cristina Scarlat
Song – Wild soul
Composer (s) – Ivan Akulov
Writer (s) – Lidia Scarlat
Event – Semi final one
Position – 11

Cristina Scarlet was born in 1981 to a family with a musical history. Like her family members, music became a huge part of Cristina’s life at an early age. Cristina can play the piano, violin, and sing, both as a soloist and as part of a choir.

After graduating from the Moldovan Music Conservatory, she gained more music experience by competing and winning several music festivals in Europe.
Representing Moldova at the Eurovision Song Contest has been a dream that Cristina has always wanted to achieve. After two attempts and finishing 2nd in the national selection last year, Cristina finally achieved what she always wanted to do: live her Eurovision dream. As well as a performer, Cristina is also a mother of two.

Wild soul

[youtube id=”z_E12QokqAs” width=”100%” height=”360″]

Want to sing-a-long? Well you can! Please find below the lyrics to Wild soul.

What am I?
Am I human?
What am I?
An emotion?
Time and space can lie to us while we sleep

Lovers cry, parents tremble
While you and I show our devils
The world can play a joke on each of us anytime

I have no feelings of mercy
Destiny left me so empty
Empty in my heart and my spirit
My patience
Fighting with our indifference
Fighting to win over everything that we are and can be

Takes the trophies
Wins the glories
All the masks we have are meant to make us free

Wounded pride kills our feeling
While you and I need the dreaming
The world can throw a dice for each of us anytime

Wild soul
Is rushing through my body
And my
Wild soul
Is meant to keep me trying

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