BigPoll 2014: start voting now!

by Michalis Vranis 123 views

The most respected Eurovision prediction tool, is returning for the 12th year in a raw at! Following the tradition, BigPoll is evolving and this year we present you the version 2.0! Thousands of votes were cast last year and BigPoll 2013 predicted once again the winner of Eurovision Song Contest. Are we going to make it this year too?

Are you ready? Start. Voting. Now!



The procedure

BigPoll is not the poll that will determine the winner, but it shall be the tool that will PREDICT the outcome of the 3 shows of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. We don’t ask you to vote for your favourites, but to predict the final results!

Following last year’s pattern, BigPoll 2014 will work the same way. After selecting the semi-final you want to cast your prediction, you will have to add the countries in your voting ballot at the bottom of the page, according to your will. You may reorder the countries in your ballot before submitting it. The system of BigPoll will calculate your votes and add them to the database. At the same time, the Top10 countries you selected, will be uploaded on your Facebook image album where you can share them with your friends!

We are expecting you to share your Top10’s on esctoday Facebook page too!


Voting ballots

Once you vote or update your voting ballot, a new image will be generated! Make sure you share this image with your friends invite them to submit their own prediction! So start sharing!

Validity of prediction votes

In order to submit a valid prediction, you will have to accept and grant all the asked permissions to the application. Otherwise the system will fail to count your prediction. Every voter has the option to update his/her prediction as many times as he/she wants before the closing of each poll (which is at 18.00 CET before each show), which means you can update your ballot infinite times! The updates that will be count will be your last ones.

Are you ready? Start. Voting. Now!



BigPoll is available only through Facebook on desktop or laptop browser.