Spain: Four backing singers to join Ruth on stage

by Gabriel Vivas 291 views

Televisión Española revealed last week the names of the four singers that will join Ruth Lorenzo in Copenhagen aiming to bring the gospel touch to Dancing in the rain.

Mey Green, Sandra Borrego, Aiwinnie Mybaby and Alana Sinkëy were selected to fly with Ruth to Copenhagen in order to make Dancing in the rain the best act amongst the 26 songs competing on 10 May.

For Mey Green and Sandra Borrego this won’t be the first time singing in the contest, Mey joined Pastora Soler in Baku in 2012 and El Sueño de Morfeo last year in Malmö, while Sandra sang for Lucía Pérez in Düsseldorf in 2011. Both singers have a deep background in musicals and have collaborated with Spanish and international singers.

Aiwinnie Mybaby and Alana Sinkëy will bring the gospel touch to the Spanish entry, as both singers are members of gospel choirs and are passionate about soul, R&B, bossa nova and jazz music.

As member of the Big Five, Spain will compete in the Grand Final on 10 May in Copenhagen.

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