Eurovision 1964: Lotte Wæver talks about hosting 50 years ago

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Today is a special anniversary for the Eurovision Song Contest

Exactly 50 years ago, in the Tivoli Concert Hall, Copenhagen, the 9th annual international event took place. 16 countries participated and it was a baptism of fire for both the national broadcaster, DR, and for the 22 year old host Lotte Wæver.

Such a major event challenged everyone. Never before in its 39 years had the Danish broadcaster undertaken a massive live event, which would be transmitted on both television and radio. Even then the audience was approximately 100 million.

In an interview with DR, Ms Wæver recalled that she was chosen for the part against others as she was the only one who would do it.

Actually, I did not dare, but I was young, and so one does some reckless things. It was probably my bungy jump. I was shockingly nervous when I came on stage, but then I said the first word, and it all fell into place. From there it was just a party.

She thought back to the days when each of the artists sang, without any of today’s special effects to enhance the performance. I am soft-hearted when I think how primitive and technologically innocent it was. The Grand Prix in Tivoli was a much bigger event than I had ever imagined. It is something else today.

Ms Wæver, who is now the grand age of 72 and a retired teacher, talked about her views on the modern day contest. I do not watch it. No more than the end of the Final, so that I hear the winning song. Then I end up turning it off. It is too proud, too big.

The Opening if the Eurovision Song Contest 1964

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