Spain: Anabel Conde is back

by Fernando Méndez 999 views

The Spanish representative in the 1995 Eurovision Song Contest, Anabel Conde, has just released the first single of her next album after a 12-year gap in the record industry.

The music video of the song Paraíso by the Spanish singer Anabel Conde became available on YouTube on 3 March 2014. This is the first single of her soon-to-be-released album Toda una mujer. With lyrics in Spanish and the chorus in English, Paraíso is a statement of the beauty of Andalusia, the Spanish region Anabel comes from.

The video was shot in Estepona and Fuengirola, the singer’s home town.

Anabel Conde represented Spain in the 1995 Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin, Ireland, reaching the 2nd position with the song Vuelve conmigo. She released the album Vuelve Conmigo in 1995 and Dos lunas in 2000. In the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest she was a backing singer for the Andorran entry La mirada interior, performed by Marian van de Wal.

Anabel Conde’s result in 1995 is to date the best achievement for Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest since the 2nd place reached by Mocedades in 1973.

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How do you like Paraíso? Are you looking forward to the album Toda una mujer? And most importantly: do you agree that “Andalucía is paradise”? Please write your thoughts in the comments section below.