Hungary: A Dal 2014 heat 2 results

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Another 6 acts have qualified to the semi-final of A Dal 2014. The second heat of Hungary’s Eurovision national selection A Dal has just come to an end in Budapest. Another 10 acts performed in tonight’s show where 6 qualified to the semi-finals.

The line-up – A Dal 2014 Heat #|2

  • Miért ne higgyem – Belmondo
  • We All – Bogi
  • Ég veled – Dér Heni
  • Waterfall – Joni
  • Running – Andras Kállay Saunders
  • This Is My Life – Musicfabrik
  • Karcolás – Polyák Lilla
  • Born To Fly – Szécsi Saci & Szécsi Böbe
  • Meg akarom mondani – To Beat Or Not To Beat
  • Miss One Smile – Vastag Tamás

The 6 Qualifiers– A Dal 2014 Heat #|2

Jury Qualifiers (The top 3 songs voted by the jury. These 3 songs advanced through to the semi-finals, avoiding the televote)

  1. Running Andras Kállay Saunders (38 points)
  2. Waterfall – Joni (36 points)
  3. We all – Bogi (35 points)

Televoting qualifiers (The remaining 7 songs faced a televote. The top 3 songs qualified to the semi-finals)

Karcolás – Polyák Lilla
This Is My Life Musicfabrik
Ég veled Dér Heni
A Dal 2014 will return next Saturday, 8 February 2014 for it’s third heat where 10 more acts will compete for another 6 spaces in the semi-finals.
Stay tuned with for information about A Dal 2014 and Hungary in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.
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