Spain: Eurovision opened doors for Soraya

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Continuing with the promotion of her last album, Soraya Arnelas recently gave an interview to a Spanish radio station. Her answers to the questions on her Eurovision experience had quite a positive tone.

The Spanish entrant in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, Soraya Arnelas, was interviewed in the Spanish radio program Julia en la onda by the journalist Julia Otero. Soraya could bask in her success, as her song Plastic was no. 1 in iTunes during its first week on sale and she is nominated to this year’s World Music Awards. She is the second Spanish artist to get a nomination, after Malú.

Soraya’s accomplishment is not only limited to Spain. And she pointed at her performance in the Eurovision Song Contest as the springboard that let her take this leap. Since I came back from Eurovision I’ve been building a group of followers. Eurovision always opens doors. Though in my case it didn’t work out well, when you look back you realize that it was worth it.

The Spanish singer further explained how the Eurovision Song Contest had an impact in her career by revealing that she can find great job opportunities in the Russian market, which, according to Soraya, is an emerging one. She even told that she was hired to sing in a private party organized by a Russian business man.

The interview went on into giving more details of the origin of Soraya’s own record label, Valentia Records. The name is a double pun: Valentia is Latin for Valencia (de Alcántara), Soraya’s hometown, and for courage. And it was a courageous decision to leave a big label such as Sony to start a company nowadays.

Soraya never stopped showing a very positive attitude during the 15 minutes of conversation with Julia Otero. She even saw the bright side of the current crisis. She believes that it can help us wise up and be more creative. Nevertheless, she hoped it will finish soon.

The artist also introduced her partner, the model Miguel Herrera, to the audience, and took a few minutes to reveal that religion gives me peace, though I have my own religion and my own God.

All in all, she believes she is lucky.

You can listen here to the whole interview (in Spanish), which was broadcast by the radio station Onda Cero.

Soraya Arnelas represented Spain in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow with La noche es para mi.

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