Malta: Court case against Thea Garrett dismissed

by Luke Borg 393 views

Thea Garrett, the 2010 Maltese representative, and a court case about her participation in the Eurovision was recently dismissed by the Maltese court.

In 2010, Thea Garrett’s promoters Grace Borg and Andrea Milana, opened a case against her and PBS stating that they had a management agreement which Thea violated. For this act, her promoters sued Thea €15.000 which was increased to €18.333 before the contest in Norway. The court found no contract between the two parties, hence dismissing the whole case and freeing Thea of any charges.

The whole situation caused Thea to lose exclusive sponsorships from Go and Debenhams.

Thea represented Malta at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest with the song My dream and finished 12th in the first semi-final.