Eurovision 2014: Jan Ola Sand speaks of DR’s plans for Copenhagen

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Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest Jan Ola Sand, has spoken out about his praise for the way DR have approached the forthcoming contest to be held in Copenhagen. So far the message from the Executive Supervisor seems to be very positive and full of compliments towards the Danish delegations handling of the logistical and creative vision for the 2014 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest.

In a recent interview, Jan Ola Sand expressed his delight at how the plans for Copenhagen 2014 were progressing.

He is quoted as saying in the interview You are thinking big and I like that, DR has many big and bold ideas. In this phase we are exploring many different options so it is too early to comment on any concrete plans, but it definitely looks promising.

His comments may sound contradictory to the ethos of Malmo 2013 but fans will not be disappointed to learn that the excellent staging in Sweden last year has certainly transcended to inspire the DR team in their plans for the 2014 contest.
Jan Ola Sand confirms this by saying There are many participants who will receive exposure over a short period of time, so the viewers need to get closer to them. For me, reality TV is not a negative term. I think we can take some inspiration from there while at the same time maintaining the traditions of the Eurovision Song Contest. This further cements the ideology of  big is not necessarily better, which was the thinking behind Malmo 2013, so to adapt the ability to think big is to think outside of the box and create a more intimate , memorable and spectacular show.

The choice of B&W-Hallerne, which is in essence a blank canvas, as a choice of venue certainly seems to leave DR open to exploring many creative options for the 2014 contest as Jan Ola Sand confirms. It is good to produce the Eurovision Song Contest in a completely different venue. B&W-Hallerne offers a completely different dimension to the competition and really helps the creative juices to flow.

It seems that all options are open creatively and logistically towards the way the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest is presented. Whichever way DR decides to go we can certainly be rest assured that Copenhagen 2014 promises to be something spectacular to look forward to.

The 2014 Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark on the 6th, 8th and 10th of May. Stay tuned to about news on the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.

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