United Kingdom: Cliff Richard releases 100th album

by Pete Lewis 382 views

Sir Cliff Richard, representative of the United Kingdom in the Eurovision song contests in 1968 and 1973, has released his 100th album entitled The fabulous rock ‘n’ roll songbook. 

Not content with being the third best-selling musician in the UK with single sales over 21 million and 54 top ten albums, Cliff reaches a century of albums by going back to his rock ‘n’ roll roots.

The album features one brand new song, One more sunny day, as well as 14 covers of classic rock songs including Elvis’ Teddy bear and Buddy Holly’s Rave on.

The album currently sits at number 11 in the midweek UK charts, also in the charts includes the Switzerland’s winner from the 1988 Eurovision song contest, Celine Dion, whose album Loved me back to life is at number 2.

You can watch Cliff perform his first single from the album, Rip it up, in a clip from BBC’s The one show below.

How much do you like Sir Cliff Richard’s first single?