Sweden: Melodifestivalen hosts revealed

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During a short press conference, SVT, the Swedish national broadcaster, presented the hosts of Melodifestivalen 2014, the national selection of the Swedish 2014 Eurovision Song Contest representative.

The hosts

During the press conference, which took place in the morning of 13 November and was broadcast live online from Studio 4 i Radiohuset, in Stockholm, the names of the host of Melodifestivalen 2014 were revealed. Christer Björkman, Executive producer of Melodifestivalen 2014, revealed the names of the presenters of this years’ set of 6 shows. They are Nour El Refai and Anders Jansson.
Lars Anders Jansson, is a Swedish comedian, known for various TV shows. Nour El-Refai, is a born in Lebanon, Swedish actor and comedian widely known for TV and radio shows.

Last year it was Danny Saucedo along with Gina Dirawi who successfully presented the 6 shows of Melodifestivalen 2013.


Since 2002, lots of local stars have been hosting the national selection.

  • 2002 – Kristin Kaspersen and Claes Åkesson
  • 2003 – Mark Levengood, Charlotte Nilsson, Lena Philipsson, Carola Häggkvist, Lill-Babs, Roger Pontare and Jonas Gardell
  • 2004 – Charlotte Perrelli, Ola Lindholm and Peter Settman
  • 2005 – Alexandra Pascalidou, Shan Atci, Annika Jankell, Erik Haag, Henrik Schyffert, Jill Johnson, Johanna Westman, Kayo Shekoni, Mark Levengood, Markoolio and Micke Leijnegard
  • 2006 – Lena Philipsson
  • 2007 – Kristian Luuk
  • 2008 – Kristian Luuk
  • 2009 – Petra Mede
  • 2010 – Måns Zelmerlöw, Dolph Lundgren and Christine Meltzer
  • 2011 – Marie Serneholt and Rickard Olsson
  • 2012 – Sarah Dawn Finer, Helena Bergström and Gina Dirawi
  • 2013 – Gina Dirawi and Danny Saucedo

Melodifestivalen 2014

To loved by fans national selection Melodifestivalen 2014 will take place during 6 Saturdays at 20.00 CET. The full schedule and venues follows:

  • 1/2 Malmö: Round 1
  • 8/2 Linköping: Round 2
  • 2/15 Gothenburg: Round 3
  • 2/22 Örnsköldsvik: Round 4
  • 1/3 Lidköpingsvägen: Second chance
  • 8/3 Stockholm: Final


Dispite the speculations and reveals regarding the participants of Melodifestivalen 2014, SVT is expected to present the participants list within the next two weeks.

What do you think of the hosts of Melodifestivalen 2014? Have your say below.

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