Ireland: Red Hurley shows his spiritual side

by Roy Knoops 602 views

Well-known Irish singer Red Hurley, who represented his country at the 1976 Eurovision Song Contest in Hague and reached a tenth place with the ballad When, has performed a very special kind of concert at the Royal Theatre in Castlebar, Ireland last Sunday.

The How great thou art concert was dedicated to spiritual and gospel songs, and is part of a venture that Red Hurley successfully presented throughout the United Kingdom and the United States. The project focuses on religious and spiritual music, blending it with populair music, and introducing choirs and soprano Sandra Oman.

Red Hurley, born Brian Hurley in 1949, has been a very populair artist in Ireland since the seventies. In 2010 he celebrated his 40-year anniversary in the music business. His spiritual concerts have proven to be a successful step in his career, enjoying popularity not only in his native Ireland, but also in the UK and the US.

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