Russia: Dima Bilan releases new videoclip – Malysh (Baby)

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 501 views

The 2008 Russian Eurovision winner Dima Bilan has released a brand new videoclip today titled Malysh.

Dima Bilan has represented his homeland Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest on 2 occasions in 2006 with Never Let you ( placing 2nd) and in 2008 with Believe ( placing 1st). Dima Bilan is among the most sought after singers both in Russia and its neighbouring countries today, enjoying fame, name and recognition. The Russian superstar has won a great number of music awards in Russia and is amongst the most popular stars in his country.

Malysh is a romantic story, the chronicle of a loving couple, full of emotion, fun, bright, exciting. The female lead is in the videoclip is played by Olga Rudyka, model, who won this year’s title the most beautiful girl of Playboy magazine (Playmate of the year).

Many of Dima Bilan’s fans and admirers have participated in the filming of this videoclip , they were selected by the Russian superstar himself. In order to take part in this music video fans from all over Russia gathered for an audition, whilst the number of applications for the competition surpassed all expectations.

The song Malysh was sudden and unexpected. At the first listening Dima was not sure that this is “his” track, but decided to record it nevertheless. In the end,after the final mastered version, it became obvious that the song would receive a great response and would touch listeners hearts. Immediately after its release, the song Baby got in hot rotation on all major Rusian radio stations, earning lots of good reviews and enjoying both success and popularity.

Malysh- Official videoclip.

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