Greece: What am I doing here?

by Michalis Vranis 76 views

Koza Mostra, the band that brought Greece back to TOP10 in 2013 Eurovision, have released their latest video clip for the song Ti kano edo.

The song is the soundtrack of an adventure project Dropped of an international beer company. Stavros Kottas was the protagonist of this adventure who was unexpectedly dropped in Cambodia and was challenged to finish an assignment in time.

The song is composed and penned by Ilias Kozas, the lead singer of the group and its’ literal translation is What am I doing here. Watch the video below.

Koza Mostra – Ti kano edo

Koza Mostra represented Greece in 2013 Eurovision Song Contest coming 6th in Grand final. Stay tuned at for the latest news about Koza Mostra, Greece and the Eurovision Song Contest.