Denmark: Wonderful Copenhagen is ready, states bid

by Richard West-Soley 335 views

Danish tourist portal Wonderful Copenhagen joins the City council in throwing its full weight behind the capital city bid for Eurovision 2014, with one message: Copenhagen is ready.

Launching the bid with the City of Copenhagen officially on Wednesday, Wonderful Copenhagen sells the city on its international merits – hospitality, gastronomy, infrastructure and above all, a ready-made hub which can leap into action for next year’s Eurovision Song Contest with little fuss.

“The capital and its many actors are ready to assist DR in this great task”, the portal promises. Looking to capitalise on the city’s well-honed reputation as a tourist centre, its organisers continue: “Copenhagen can be a beautiful backdrop to a significant media event, and the city’s brand has never been stronger”.

Official seal of approval

Wonderful Copenhagen draws on the full backing of the City in presenting the bid for the capital, illustrated by a raft of quotes from local officials. Lord Mayor Frank Jensen, for example, reassures us that there are more than enough hotel rooms. Coucil chief for employment and integration, Anna Mee Allerslev adds that the airport infrastructure and hospitality services are already there and ready to be drafted into action. And culture and leisure spokesperson, Pia Allerslev, points out that Copenhagen is the perfect place for an event which is “much more than just a concert”.

With the race hotting up, Wondeful Copenhagen and its city partners are pulling out all the stops to present the capital as the natural choice. Whether it will be enough, only time will tell.