Serbia: Moje3 break up after Eurovision

by Denis Randjelovic 507 views

Moje3 , the girl trio who represented Serbia  in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, is no more. Mirna Radulović, Nevena Božović and Sara Jovanović have decided to end the project amicably and go their separate ways seeking success as solo artists.

Sara and Mirna confirmed that the group was made especially for the contest and that all of them planned and wanted solo careers.  The three girls have happy memories from Malmö: “ I was watching the final on TV and I still couldn’t believe that we performed there also. We were treated very nicely there, I really don’t have any complaints. However, we need some time to rest after it.” – Nevena told local press and added that she is currently working on her first single as a solo artist.

Moje3 were the first band ever to represent Serbia as an independent country and they did notmake it to the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 final withthe song Ljubav je svuda.