Denmark: 1.7 million viewers watched Emmelie’s victory

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 270 views

Emmelie De Forest mesmerised Danish viewers last Saturday when she brought back home the 3rd Danish Eurovision victory. A total of 1.7 million Danes tuned in to watch their nation triumph in the biggest European musical extravaganza.

According to Gallup TV Meter  1.704 million viewers tuned in to see Emmelie De Forest give Denmark its 3rd Eurovision  victory. This corresponds to almost 80 percent of the Danish television viewers last  Saturday night were glued to DR 1, between  21:00 and 00:30 witnessing how Emmelie took Europe by storm and triumphing at the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö. A massive success in  comparison to  last year’s Eurovision Song Contest final in Azerbaijan which was  watched by 990,000 viewers.

The Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday was the most watched in 11 years. The last time we achieved a higher viewing higher figure was  back  in 2002, when 2,081,000 viewers tuned in to watch  Malene Mortensen  at the 2002 Eurovision Song Contest in Tallinn, Estonia.- accordind to media researcher Signe Villumsen from DR Media Research. 

She goes on to explain that  that the Eurovision Song Contest  attracts viewers of all age groups and unites everyone in the house and in the living room when it comes to watch the contest.All age groups  tuned in to watch Emmelie’s victory last Saturday,  over 75 percent of the viewers that tuned in came from all age groups and from both sexes, they all opted to watch the big show.Three out of four viewers watched the show in company of others.

The most watched Eurovision ever in Denmark, with a measured audience was when DR last hosted the competition – namely  in Copenhagen in 2001, when a total of  viewed 2,667,000 viewers tuned in.

DR1’s entertainment manager Jan Lagermand Lundme welcomes both the Danish victory and the good figures- It was so nice to see  Emmelie the Forest win  on Saturday, and it’s fantastic that an event like the Eurovision Song Contest, 56 years after Denmark debuted for the first time, continues to have the fairytale ability and essence to gather so many viewers enfront of the tv screens  and Eurovision  continues to be the hot topic of conversation for many days. I am really looking forward to next year ‘s Eurovision Song Contest ,which will be held in Denmark and DR1 will televise it!

Even the semfinals had a high viewing rate in Denmark this year. Last Tuesday when Emmelie the Forest  sailed to the final during the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest semfinial 1 a total of  929,000 viewers tuned in on DR1. A great achievement in comparison to last year’s  798,000 viewers during the semifinals, when  Soluna Samay took  Denmark to the final in Baku.

Many people watched the Eurovision Song Contest on via the official Danish national broadcaster’s website via a live webstream. DR’s official website received more than 407,000 visits,  last week, and thus becaming  one of the most visited program sites on ever.

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