Watch now: The grand final

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The grand final of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest will take place tonight in the Malmö Arena. The show starts at 21:00 CET and will feature 26 countries fighting for the glory of winning the trophy.

The show

26 countries participate on the final show and will perform live. By the end of the last performance, the lines will open and the audience will start casting their votes by phone, SMS and the Eurovision mobile app. The televotes will be all added together and ranked from 1 to 26 by the organisers of the televote in for each country. There is a limit of 20 votes by phone number.

There are also professional juries in each of the countries voting in the first semi-final. They will also rank all the songs from 1 to 26, based on the dress rehearsal they watched last night. The order of the voting countries can be found here
The rankings from the jury and public votes will then be combined, 50% each, and the top ten countries will be converted into points from 1 to 12 points, omitting 9 and 11 like Eurovision tradition demands. The show will be hosted by Petra Mede.



1. France


10. Russia


19. Iceland


2. Lithuania


11. Germany


20. Azerbaijan


3. Moldova


12. Armenia


21. Greece


4. Finland

[The Netherlands]

13. The Netherlands


22. Ukraine


5. Spain


14. Romania


23. Italy


6. Belgium

[United Kingdom]

15. United Kingdom


24. Norway


7. Estonia


16. Sweden


25. Georgia


8. Belarus


17. Hungary


26. Ireland


9. Malta


18. Denmark

How to watch

The final will be broadcast live by all participating and voting broadcasters, check local details for channels. It will also be broadcast in Portugal, Bosnia & Herzegovina and delayed in Australia and China. There will be an international webcast on the official EBU Eurovision website here

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