Malmö live: The second semi-final first dress rehearsal

by Juha Repo 287 views

The first dress rehearsal for the second semi-final is underway here in Malmö.

As a break from the routine most of the media representatives are not allowed into the arena to watch it, as the hall is full of local school children.

The second semi-final is kicked off by Urban Orchestra, where a group of dancers form an orchestra on the stage. This opening number is also created by Fredrik ”Benke” Rydman and Jennie Widegren like the interval number in the first semi-final.

Petra Mede Photo: SVT

The hostess Petra Mede has a different dress for this second semi-final, and her hair is different today. She is also very bravely facing the dress rehearsal audiences with no make-up at all, just like she did on Monday.

After the first five songs there is a break where Petra Mede takes a look in the Green Room before we move on the Maltese number.

We saw the Greek boys in their actual outfits for the first time today, it is worth noting. The kilts are back, but now in black with white bits underneath.

We are up to song 12, Hungary now.

After Norway there is another break and we go back to Petra Mede and then on to Lynda Woodruff who performs in a comedy sketch.

This time she travels to Malmö but ends up in Denmark.

And then we move on for the Albanian entry.

After Romania closes the competition with what could be the campest act ever seen at Eurovision it is time for Petra to explain the voting procedure. Then a recap.

Next up is part two in Petra Mede’s Eurovision history covering the 80s, 90s and the 00s.

Another recap of all the songs.

The interval act in the second semi-final comes from what the organisers call two of the best pop voices that Sweden has to offer, Darin and Agnes. They do a medley of their hits each.

And then again the recap of the direct qualifiers and a look at the artists in the audience from Spain, France and Germany who are also voting in this semi-final.

Then we get to talk to Jan-Ola Sand, the Executive Supervisor and the revelation of the ten finalists.


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