Emmelie meets Zlata in Malmö.

by Stephane London 478 views

Yesterday, We are one motto was once more illustrated by the two hot favourties according to oddschecker.com, Emmelie de Forest representing Denmark and Zlata Ognevich from Ukraine, met in town for a walk in one of the most beautiful parks of the host city, Malmö. Both Eurovision Song Contest hopefuls discussed their stay in Sweden and Eurovision before exchanging souvenirs. Igor Voykovinskiy, our giant sensation from Ukraine who talked with fans earlier this week, also met with Emmelie and he was very pleased to have met the Danish contestant. He told the press: This is the first time in my life when I am accompanied by two extremely beautiful ladies on my walk in the park. This can’t get more exciting for me. Being here on Zlata’s team and getting to know the other contestants just makes me feel very special.

Zlata Ognevich declared after the walk: I was really flattered to have been invited by Emmelie for a walk. I admire Emmelie’s song and her as an artist. Her team is doing a great job with her image on stage and you can see they are great professionals in show biz. I love the ethnic sound of the Danish song and especially the flutes in the beginning. I am sure Emmelie will do great on stage.

And finally Emmelie de Forest reinforced this year’s motto by saying Zlata is very beautiful, she’s got a great voice and a great performance. When we met and started talking to each other it felt as if we were friends. I like meeting other artists and do not see them as competitors.

Finally, both contestants shouted together: We are not rivals. We are friends!

A few days ago, Emmelie de Forest also met Austrian contestant Nátalia Kelly in Copenhagen and Zlata Ognevich met with Farid Mammadov from Azerbaijan in Kiev last month.

Picture courtesy of Lyana Yarygina.

Denmark and Ukraine will compete in the first semi-final on Tuesday 14 May.