Introducing 2013: Montenegro

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Thirty-nine countries are competing with the aim to lift the trophy in Malmö. The thirty-eighth country to be introduced is Montenegro. The country debuted in the contest in 2007 and this year Montenegro will be represented by Who See.

Basic information

Performers: Who See
Song: Igranka
Language: Montenegrin
Music: Djordje Miljenovic (Wikluh Sky)
Lyrics: Dejan Dedovic (Dedduh), Mario Djordjevic (Noyz), Djordje Miljenovic (Wikluh Sky)

The song

This year’s Montenegrin entry is about a hot girl who will be taken in a club for partying. The party is expected to take all night as the rhythm invites you to shake your body.

Vodim te na igranku, na-na-na-na igranku…

Fešta je to, ne prestaje to, bit za bitom, vers za versom
Mrda se cio svijet s njom, jednim potezom i univerzum
‘ajde vodi me, oslobodi me od gadnih stresova tokom godine
Ne mogu više da se paranojišem, na dobru feštu sve mi miriše
Igranka bez prestanka vanka, na podijum ili pored sama šanka
Dan kad svane tu smo, nikad nije pustoš
Ništa nije frka samo treba uć’ u štos
Kik i bas zaraza razara, niko neće poć’ utvrđenog pazara
Opet sjutra utabanim stazama, s mojima visim ne mislim o parama

The performers

Who See also known as Who See Klapa, is a Montenegrin hip-hop duo from the Bay of Kotor. Its members are Dedduh (Dejan Dedović) and Noyz (Mario Dordević). The group was created in early 2000s, recording their first demo track titled Dim po dim. Noyz and Dedduh had guest appearances on Serbian hip-hop compilation. In 2007, they group released their debut album, Sviranje kupcu. Who See were also featured guests in the hip-hop track titled Pozovite neke drolje with rappers Ajs Nigrutin and Prti Bee Gee. Who See are enjoying massive success on MTV Adria. Their videoclip Reggaeton Montenegro has achieved a 1oth placing among the world’s top listings in the regional MTV channel. Who See received the 2012 MTV Best Adria Act prize last year. In Malmö they will be accompanied by Nina Žižić.

The songwriters

This year’s Montenegrin entry is written by Djordje Miljenovic, Dejan Dedovic and Mario Djordjevic. The last two names are the duo that will represent Montenegro while Miljenovic is a Serbian musician, rapper, and producer. He is best known for being a member of Bad Copy hip-hop trio

The national selection

Last November RTCG, the Montenegrin national broadcaster, has announced that Who See will represent Montenegro in Sweden. The group got internally selected for Europe’s favourite show.

Montenegro in the Eurovision Song Contest

Montenegro entered the Eurovision Song Contest as an independent country in 2007. In 2008 and 2009 the country did not also manage to qualify to the final. Last year Montenegro returned to Europe’s favourite show and yet again it didn’t make it to the final. Montenegrin entries under the flags of Yugoslavia and Serbia & Montenegro took part in the years 1983, 1984 and 2005. In 1983, Danijel reached fourth place, one of Yugoslavia’s best placing.


This will be Montenegro’s fifth participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. The hip-hop duo Who See will be duo to represent the Balkan country. Igranka is the third entry in the history of Montenegro in the contest to be performed in Montenegrin. Since 2008 when two semi-finals took place, Montenegro was always drawn to sing first in semi-final one but this year it will not open the first semi-final.

Montenegrin vote in Eurovision

Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina exchanged the most points in the Eurovision Song Contest. Since Montenegro never qualified to the final, the country gave three times its 12 points to neighbouring Serbia.

The betting odds

According to, Montenegro is currently standing at number 27 in the odds to win the Eurovision Song Contest and it also doesn’t look favourable as it is the 12th favourite to qualify to the final from semi-final one.

Crnoj Gori i Who See želimo svu sreću i dobar rezultat u Malmö!


Preview clip


Nije preša

Tomorrow the last country will be introduced (hint – the land of Aphrodite, it is pretty obvious right?)

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