Sophie and Nodi feel they can’t let their country down

by Lee Williscroft-Ferris 352 views

Our interview tour has now reached Georgia. Today we hear the thoughts from Sophie and Nodi, whose Waterfall will be song number 15 in the second semi-final on 16 May in Malmö.

1. Tell us a little bit about your backgrounds in music.

Nodi: My career has started at the age of 6 when I first appeared at the stage of big Concert Hall of Tbilisi. I can say that after this day I decided to be a singer. I’m glad that I reached all my goals. My popularity spread all over the country after that I became the winner of the Georgian Idol in 2009.
Sophie: I’m participant and the winner of many musical competitions. Me and Nodi have exactly the same way of our popularity and it’s Georgian Idol. I was one of the finalists of this contest and on the final day of the contest I performed the song with previous season’s winner, Nodi Tatishvili.

2. How do you feel to be representing your country in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest?

Nodi: First of all it’s a big honour for me and bigger responsibility to represent my country. I know that we have not any right to make mistakes. We feel support from the Georgian people and it’s very important for us to sing in front of gigantic audience.
Sophie: I’m very happy that we’re participants of the Eurovision Song Contest. It’s very pleasant but I feel big responsibility on a same time.

3. How did the two of you end up coming together to represent Georgia?

Nodi: It’s a decision of Georgian Public Broadcaster which was a real Santa Claus for us, because they announced about their choice on 31st of December.
Sophie: Let me just add that we had many plans but Eurovision has immediately changed all of them.

4. Are you big Eurovision fans yourselves?

Nodi: All the participants that have ever represented Georgia are my friends and I can say that I have watched all the Eurovision shows.
Sophie: Of course I love the Eurovision Song Contest and I’m very happy that I got an opportunity to represent my country.

5. What do you think has been the best Eurovision entry from Georgia so far?

Nodi: You know that all the contestants from Georgia were worthy and I liked each performance.

6. What are you most looking forward to about performing in Malmö in May?

Nodi: I look forward to get new experience from Malmö stage, meet new friends and represent my country as it deserves.
Sophie: I look forward to share my emotions with the public. Eurovision is a challenge for me and I’m going to do it!

7. Thomas G:son is obviously a songwriter with a great record in Eurovision. Does this make you more or less nervous about taking another of his songs to the contest?

Nodi: I don’t feel nervous, moreover this fact gives me excitement.

8. So, what is the meaning behind ‘Waterfall’?

Sophie: There is a powerful love behind the song title ‘Waterfall’.  The song is about strong emotions which has united us in one song.

9. Have you heard many of the other entries yet? If so, do you have any personal favourites?

Nodi: Because of our busy schedule I did not listen all of them but I want to wish good luck all participants.
Sophie: I have listened some of them and I can say that all the songs have something unique and interesting part.

10. If you were to win the contest, what can fans look forward to when they come to Georgia?

Nodi: Georgia will host them with complete hospitality. They will discover the new traditions, attitudes and new relationships.

The team wants to thank Sophie and Nodi for taking the time to answer our questions and wishes them the best of luck in Malmö!

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