Who See wants to adapt the energy in Igranka onto the stage

by Denis Randjelovic 567 views

Today we travel to the Balkans to continue our series of interviews. Who See is the name of the duo that will represent Montenegro as song number 9 in the first semi-final in Malmö on 14 May. They will be joined on stage by Nina Zizic and the song is called Igranka.

1. Montenegro opted for internal selection for Eurovision 2013. Did you expect an invitation from the national broadcaster RTCG?

No, we didn’t except that call, however RTCG definitely made us happy for giving us a chance to travel to Sweden and show to Europe our music.

2. Considering you have released an album recently, was your song Igranka already finished or did you start working on it after you were contacted by RTCG?

We started working with Igranka especially for this purpose. We invested brand new energy for this song and we tried to present our country in an unseen way by Montenegrin Eurovision representatives so far.

3. Your first song was published ten years ago. Has your music changed along with yourselves throughout the years? Is your style the same as then?

We write lyrics, make beats, music videos, we listen to music, we change ourselves as the worlds does…

4. You won the MTV Adria award for Best Act last year. Do you think that this could have influenced and led to your selection to represent Montenegro?

Last year we released a music album which went throughout all playlists in ex-Yugoslavia, and we got some new awards like MTV music award which probably ruled for choosing this year Montenegrin Eurovision act.

5. When you you finished preparing your song, you realised you required a female vocalist. Was Nina the first choice? How was she selected to join you?

Since we started making Igranka we wanted female vocal for the refrain. Our video producer suggested Nina Zizic, so we made a rehearsal with her and after we heard her, we didn’t even want to search for some other singer, as Nina was fantastic with her vocal abilities.

6. Since the official presentation of your entry Igranka you have received positive reviews. What do you expect from Eurovision?

Our wish, which slowly grows into expectation, is to enter the final, as we see this song becomes more popular and we think that our expectations are modest.

7. Nina – everyone in your country was thrilled and amazed seeing you singing the chorus of the song. You had mentioned that it would be difficult to sing it live. How are you going to prepare for Malmö? Have you started working on it?

Preparations are ongoing. We elaborate with choreography and practice performance, while Nina has proved also at the rehearsals that we did choose the right female singer!

8. Can we expect a big party on the stage in Malmö during your performance?

As the song is energetic we will try to adapt in that energy at the stage. However it’s not all up to us, it’s also about finance which is important for the scenario of this performance.

9. The official video of Igranka is enjoying major success and has been viewed by a large number of people on Youtube. Do you think it is good indicator for your entry to go to the final?

Yes, we do think it is one of the important things. The audiences show through YouTube their interest for our song and they can be also our potential voters.

10. And finally, would you like to send a message for esctoday.com readers and Europe?

We would like to say Hi to all Esctoday readers and we hope most of you will enjoy our live performance on Eurovision stage in Malmö. See you soon!