Eurovision 2013 Interviews: Moldova’s Aliona defines real love

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In our annual series of interviews of Eurovision Song Contest participant we fly to Chisinau, in Moldova, where we meet Aliona, who will fly the country’s flag next month in Malmӧ. She will perform O mio on 14 May, in the first semi-final, and this is going to be her second experience on the stage of Europe’s favourite TV show.

A year ago you were on stage of Eurovision in Baku as back vocalist for Pasha representing Moldova. Did you think at that time, or dream, that a year later you would be back on the same stage as the leading singer?

I have always wanted to participate at the Eurovision Song Contest one day, but I wanted to do it on the the highest possible level. I didn’t expect though to win the national final at my very first attempt. This success proves for me once and for all that I am a lucky person, and everything I try comes out with a good result.

Dance holds a very important part in your life. If you had to choose between a career in singing and a one as a dancer, what would be your choice?

I have already made my choice (smiles). Music of course, since practicing music I don’t have to give up dancing. After all, dancing is the physical explanation of musical phrases.

Your song has a strong message of love. How a young girl like you would define real love?

I’m not the one who wrote the lyrics, but I’ve always been the shoulder for my friends to cry on. So, from their experience I know what suffering means and that is the painful side of love. Based on my own experience I would define real love by focusing on its happiest side, which is made of trust, tenderness, the desire to make him/her happy, friendship and, of course, passion.

Which artists do you admire? Do you have any specific influences in your performance on stage or in the way you work?

I admire sincere artists, meaning those people who make music because that’s the best they can do. Those artists who make hits without the need to promote them. The ones dedicated to music.

Apart from winning the Eurovision Song Contest, which is obvious at this point, what is your biggest career dream?

I wish that my participation at the Eurovision Song Contest would be only the beginning of a successful musical career. I would like to enjoy every step I take on this path, and at the top point to become an idol some day.  As I said before, I feel very lucky and I truly believe that I can make all my dreams happen in real life!

You have participated in various music festivals and contests so far. Share with us a funny story that you still remember, or a strong memory of something you experienced.

You know,  I am used to wearing dresses on the stage for a while now. Because of that, my pants were once torn on both sides, while I was making some energetic moves on the stage (laughs). But I think that made me look even more stylish than before!

Is there anything that you don’t like in the Eurovision Song Contest format? What changes would you apply if it was possible for you?

I would avoid the political side of the contest.

How is Aliona in her everyday life? Which is the best part of your day?

Aliona is the girl who doesn’t like monotonous activities, loneliness and who appreciates the moments spent with family and good friends.

If you could rule the world for one day, what would you change?

I would make all people equal for a day. In terms of receiving all the benefits, material and spiritual ones. I think it would make us different from what we are at the moment. It would make us think in a different way. And I am sure we would learn how to appreciate what we have and it would show us our real needs.

Can you give us any idea of how your stage performance in Malmӧ is going to be?

There will be a magical ambience. We will keep some of the effects you saw in the national final, but we will use some more. I won’t reveal you the whole concept, because I really want you to get surprised and to enjoy the show.

What is your message to the readers of

I wish you thousands of magical moments in your lives, thousands of fantastic dreams, thousands of goals attained. I love each one of you! Kisses!

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