BigPoll 2013: Game on!

by Michalis Vranis 168 views

BigPoll 2013, the most respected Eurovision prediction tool, is returning for the 11th year on! Following a fresh approach led us to its recreation to fit in the new media era. BigPoll 2013 has returned giving everyone the opportunity to cast their prediction and share it with their friends on the popular social network, Facebook.


Last year, suffered from the vicious hack attack which caused the website and the hard work  of several years to vanish in a blink of the eye. The attack was the reason for esctoday’s BigPoll not to become available. According to the votes cast before the hack, Loreen was the obvious winner of both the semi-final poll as well as the all the participants poll.


So far, BigPoll has been experimenting with the predictions by adding more and more features to the voting ballots, as well as by constantly filtering multiple votes by IP blocking.

This year, BigPoll goes social! tech team has been developing a brand new BigPoll that will work exclusively through the Facebook page. You can find it here.

This time, the procedure is easy. You simply add the countries of each of the shows to your ballot. Then you can reorder them using the typical drag and drop method and then save it!

Testing team

Throughout the days of 5-8 April, with the help of 100 Facebook users, got the chance to test the new BigPoll and get the first idea of the system and how the votes are counted while coming in. We would like to thank all of the users who participated in that project!

Prizes will run draws for those who participated in the voting procedure of BigPoll. Press kits, collectors badges, party tickets will be given away throughout the next days so cast your prediction immediately!

Vote on BigPoll 2013 here