Krista ignores the haters and hopes to bring Eurovision back to Finland

by Dániel Turgonyi 726 views

In our series of interviews we now get to talk to Krista Siegfrids from Finland, whose Marry me will go out as song number 5 in the second semi-final on 16 May 2013 in Malmö. 

Hello Krista, first of all, congratulations for winning the Finnish selection. How did it feel when you won it? And, how does it feel now?

Thank you so much! It was amazing when Team Ding Dong won the Finnish selection and it still feels awesome! Haha! A dream come true!

What did you think when you sent your entry to YLE, winning was the only option for you, or you just wanted to share your music with Finnish people and Eurovision fans?

I wanted to share my music but I also wanted to win! It’s always been a dream for me since I was a little kid to some day represent Finland in Eurovision Song Contest.

What do you think about the fact that the Swedish minority entries keep winning the Finnish selection? Do you think that this could help you in Malmö? Also, what do you think of the ’political voting’ – how, for example, Hungary and Estonia are switching points with Finland?

I think that the best song has won every year. That I’m the third Swedish speaking Finn in a row to represent Finland is just a coincidence. I’m not wasting my energy on thinking about the “political voting” because I can’t do anything about it. Team Ding Dong is focusing on doing a great performance and then I just hope that people will vote for us because they like our song and show!

Your dress was really adorable in UMK, will you stay with this wedding dress in Malmö as well, or it’ll be changed for the Eurovision stage?

Oh, yes! The wedding dress stays on!

Your videoclip contains really crazy parts, yet it is really funny and it just totally fits your song. How was the shooting of the videoclip?

It was SO fun to shoot the video!!! I loved it! Great team! And it was so nice to have a lot of friends participating in the wedding scene. But it was freezing cold when we shot the outdoor scene. I got sick afterwards. Haha!

The fans seem to have a mixed opinion of your song – some people really love the song, some may say that ’We’ve already heard this!’. What do you think about these opinions, and does it affect you in any way?

I’m only focusing on the good comments, ha ha! I’ve always done things my own way and I don’t listen to what other people think about me. I love my fans and I care about them… not about haters.

As you know, 38 other songs will be sung in Malmö. What do you think of other countries’ entries? Do you have a favourite song?

Yes, I think there are many great artists and songs! Can’t believe that Bonnie Tyler is participating! I’ve always been a big fan of her voice and ‘Holding out for a hero’ is one of my favorite songs! Hope I get to take a fan picture with her! Haha!

Since 2006, when Lordi won the Eurovision and bought the contest to Helsinki, Finland could not make it to the Top 10. Do you think that this will be broken this year?

I think that Team Ding Dong can do it! I believe in my team! I just hope that the rest of Europe will vote for us!

Marry me is on the Finnish radioplay charts since UMK. What do you think, how will Eurovision affect your career in Finland and Europe?

UMK was good for me and Marry me is a radio hit in Finland. If it goes well in ESC it will probably mean a lot to my career. I would love to do gigs abroad so I hope that ESC will open the door for me to the rest of Europe! EUROPE I WANNA ENTERTAIN YOU!!! 😀

And, save the best for last: What do you think of same-sex marriages?

Everybody should have the right to marry the person they love! More love and tolerance! Marriage equality!!! wants to thank Krista so much for the answers, and we wish her the greatest luck in May!

Pictures: Ville Paul Paasimaa
Make-up: Vilja Vuolle
Hair: Janica Ström-Salonen
Nails: Pernilla Backman

Listen to the final Eurovision edit of Marry me below: