Spain: El Sueño De Morfeo film Eurovision postcard in Asturias

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 516 views

El Sueño de Morfeo the 2013 Spanish representatives have finished filming for their Eurovision 2013 presentation postcard. SVT’s crew flew to Asturias specially for the occasion.

The Spanish postcard will be showcasing El Sueño De Morfeo’s daily routine and has been filmed in Asturias depicting both its scenic beauty and rich landscape. The Spanish reprensentatives will be seen practicing their hobbies in the postcard: Raquel Del Rosario practicing her photography, Juan surfing, and David piloting a small plane.  El Sueño De Morfeo will also be seen rehearsing and composing songs in their studio.  The world famous Asturian cider (Sidra) will also play a key role in the postcard, Raquel, David and Juan will be seeing tasting the Asturian beverage. The postcard has been also filmed at the Llagar de Nava, Faro De Lastres, Oviedo Aerodrome and at Las Conchas beach in Salinas.

The Swedish television’s crew was invited to taste the traditional Asturian snacks, tapas and drink during the filming of the postcard. The postcard has been filmed in Asturias on 24 and 25 March.

This year the presentation postcards preceeding each song will be filmed in each of the 39 paticipating countries depicting the representatives’ respective country, culture and tradition. SVT ‘s crews have travelled   to all the 39 participating countries in order to film the official presentation postcards for the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest.

You can see the full photo gallery on TVE’s official website here

El Sueño De Morfeo will represent Spain at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest with their self composed entry Contigo hasta el final.

Photographs courtesy of RTVE

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