Greece: Koza Mostra shoot video, receive award and launch official Facebook page

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Koza Mostra and Agathonas who were selected to represent Greece in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest, have been extremely busy with their preparations for Malmo lately. The video for their song Alcohol is free is almost ready. The shooting took place in Thessaloniki, in historical locations all over the Macedonian city with the participation of fans who were invited by the band.

Agathonas and Elias Kozas during the video shoot

City of Grevena honours Koza Mostra and Agathonas

The mayor of the city of Grevena which enjoys the spotlight since the name of the city was mentioned in Koza Mostra’s song as the destination of their journey, awarded the band in a special evening organized in their honour.

Elias Kozas, leader of the band addressed the audience :

Have the strength and the courage to fight for the things that are worth it and the things you believe in because this is how we started too. The truth is we started at a very difficult time, especially for what we do. Do not get disheartened and always keep your head high. That’s how we are going to the Eurovision Song Contest. We will go with our head high and return the same way.


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Official Eurovision Facebook page

Koza Mostra have also launched their official facebook page. Through this, fans will be able to follow the band on their way to Malmo and will be treated to exclusive material such as news, photographs, contests and surprise presents.

You can Like the Koza Mostra Facebook page here.