talks with the Melodifestivalen hosts and producer Christer Björkman

by Juha Repo 260 views

During yesterday’s rehearsal at the Friends Arena for the Swedish final our man in Stockholm, Robin Scott, had a chance to talk to the hosts of the Melodifestivalen, Danny Saucedo and Gina Dirawi, and the producer Christer Björkman.

Firstly we hear the male host Danny Saucedo tell how he was not sure when he was asked to do the hosting instead of singing, but decided he would do it when he heard that his partner would be Gina Dirawi.

Then it is the turn of the female host Gina Dirawi, who says how hosting Melodifestivalen live is different to any other TV presenting she normally does. The situations change so quickly and you can’t be start thinking that half of Sweden is watching.

Then finally it is Mr Melodifestivalen Christer Björkman himself. He talks about the record ratings of the show this year. He also talks about the Eurovision Song Contest and how SVT wants to bring the focus back on the artists.