The Netherlands: Interview with Anouk

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Anouk Teeuwe, the outstanding and one of the few worldwide known Dutch rock singers, is participating in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest for The Netherlands. After her breakthrough in the music industry in 1997, Anouk has witnessed the glory and success around the globe, but mostly the love of her fans and her family. So far Anouk has released 7 studio albums and her 8th album is expected to be released one day before the Eurovision Song Contest final, on 17 May. The famous singer kindly agreed to give an interview for and here it is:

1. Every year rumour has it that Anouk will be representing The Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest. Were you approached in the past by TROS to participate in Eurovision? What made you take the decision and accept this year’s invitation?

I was never approached by any one, I approached them. I wanted to participate for years but it never matched my schedule. This year it seemed to be good timing.

2. So far, we haven’t heard the final version of your song, and there is a lot of buzz around it. A live acappella version of it became available some days ago, followed by your producer’s comment that it is not “winning material”. Can you give us some information about your song? What’s the story behind it?

It’s a love song. I don’t like to explain my songs because I want people to listen to the music and have their own interpretation

3. Anouk is a performer known for her rock star attitude, while still being an ordinary person like any of us and at the same time fulfilling with great success the caring mother’s role. What role does your family play in your life? Will you bring them over to Malmö?

My family keeps me grounded and they remind me to not take myself toο serious. That is what keeps me happy and healthy. No I’m not taking them to Malmö they have to go to school!

4. The Eurovision Song Contest is a platform where countries present their culture to the rest of the world through the artists on stage. Even though past winners of the contest have often enjoyed fame and become popular worldwide, the last few years it seems that this not happening any more. What do you think your participation to the contest will mean to your career?

I hope that more people outside of The Netherlands and Belgium will get to know my music. And of course I hope it will be a great memory.

5. It has been two years since your latest studio album release, while your next album is entitled Sad singalong songs and it will also include the song that you will perform in Malmö, called Birds. Can you share some information about it? Is it going to be the Anouk we know and love listening to?

It’s a part of me that you might have heard on my past albums but it’s probably not the sound that a lot of people will expect from me. It has a different sound to it than anything I have done before.

6. Have you watched any past shows of the Eurovision Song Contest? Do you have any funny memories from it to share with us?

It watched it every year when I was young. The last few years I only checked the highlights not entire show.

7. Usually many participants are promoting their participation by visiting other countries and appearing on TV and radio shows. Would you travel to other countries and follow this tactic? Any plans for the promotion of your song?

No plans. I hope the music speaks for itself

8. Our readers would be delighted if you could send them a message through this interview.

Ηope to see you in Malmö and have a beautiful day!

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