FYR Macedonia: Esma and Vlatko will not attend Bulgarian Eurovision Show

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 407 views

MKRTV, the national broadcaster of FYR Macedonia has informed esctoday.com that Esma Redzepova and Vlatko Lozanoski, the 2013 FYR Macedonian representatives will not be attending the Bulgarian song selection as previously announced.

Mr. Mirkovski ,Head of Delagation of FYR Macedonia has told esctoday.com that  Esma Redzepova and Vlatko Lozanoski will not be attending tomorrow’s Bulgarian song selection as planned,due to some changes that  the 2013 FYR Macedonian entry will undergo. The lyrics of the song and some arrangements are to change. Hence the revamped version of the song should be ready within a week.

Regarding the videoclip of Imperia which was released during the FYR Macedonian Song presentation show last Wednesday, Mr Mirkovski told esctoday.com that the videoclip had been removed from youtube and internet as MKRTV was not satified with it and it did not comply with the broadcasters requirements. Hence a brand new videoclip will be filmed in the coming days and will be available online.

FYR Macedonia debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1998 Vlad Janevski and is yet to win the event.