Watch now: Second semi-final in Romania

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Tonight, the second  semi-final of Selecţia naţională, Romania’s preselection for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest will take place. Sixteen more acts will compete and the six winners will join last night’s qualifiers in the final which takes place on 9 March.

The show

The show starts at 20.00 CET and will be aired live on TVR 1 and TVRI via satellite. It will also be streamed live for international fans. Just like the first semi-final last night the show will be hosted by “ABBA” comprising Paula Seling , Ovi,  Andreea Bănică and Marius Rizea. The six qualifiers will be determined by jury and televote at a 50/50 split.


The contestants

  1. Ovidiu Anton – Run away with me
    (Music and lyrics: Ovidiu Anton)
  2. Letiția Moisescu – We are one
    (Music and lyrics: Radu Alexandrescu, Sandu Ștefan Radu)
  3. Mosquito – Feel the same
    (Music: Gabriel Băruță, Lyrics: Enache Eduard Mihai)
  4. Alin Văduva – Storyline
    (Music: Kevin Borg, Simon Gribe, Alin Văduva, Aidan O’Conner, Lyrics:Alin Vaduva, Kevin Borg, Alin Văduva, Aidan O’Conner)
  5. Renee Santana – What is love
    (Music and lyrics: Mihai Alexandru)
  6. Diana Matei – Ma ma he
    (Music and lyrics: Matei Diana, Alexandru Costel Gabriel)
  7. 9 Gardens – All for naught
    (Music:Dan Secheli, Cary Shields, Lyrics:Cary Shilds)
  8. The Zuralia Orchestra – Sukar Transylvania
    (Music and lyrics: Aurel Mirea)
  9. ABCD – Final de război
    (Music:Gabriel Maga, Lyrics: Cristina Haios)
  10. Elena Cîrstea Muttart – Spinning
    (Music and lyrics: Cristian Faur, Elena Cîrstea Muttart)
  11. Narcis Iustin Ianău – Seven
    (Music: Narcis Iustin Ianău Dumitraș Horațiu Dan, Lyrics :Narcis Iustin Ianău)
  12. Claudiu Mirea – I feel so high
    (Music and lyrics: Daniel Alexandrescu, Claudiu Mirea)
  13. Andrei Leonte – Paralyzed
    (Music:Mike Eriksson, Johnny Andersson, Michael James Down Lyrics: Jonas Thander, Mike Eriksson)
  14. Cristian Prăjescu – The best thing in life is to love
    (Music and lyrics: Sergiu Rudichi)
  15. Jul – Wake me up
    (Music and lyrics: Bouroșu Victor, Iacob Paul)
  16. Phaser Pour toi et pour moi
    (Music:Florin Pop-Magda, Tinu Vidaicu, Oprișan Lucian, Birta Arnold, Dumitru Carina, Racz Radu, Păun Corian, Lyrics: Dumitru Carina)

 Sneak peek of the songs