Ukraine: Gravity undergoes changes after public have their say

by Stella Floras 413 views

Gravity, the song which will represent Ukraine in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest, is undergoing changes in the structure as well the tempo  following the opinion of the Ukrainian public expressed in an online poll by song composer and producer Mykhailo Nekrasov.

Mykhailo Nekrasov, Gravity’s composer and producer who was also responsible for Ukraine’s 2006 entry sung by Tina Carol, addressed the Ukrainian public through the social media asking for their opinion on the song. The questions asked referred to whether the fans were happy with the number of choruses, the tempo, the parts sung by the backing vocalists and the song’s intro and ending. As a result, Gravity is now undergoing a makeover and the new version will be presented in the beginning of March. The new version of Gravity will have a extra chorus, a slightly faster tempo and a new, more powerful intro to capture the audience’s attention in Malmo as well as a different ending.

Zlata also involved the public in a brainstorming process regarding the theme of Gravity’s video. Over 600 people responded and many of their ideas will be used in the official video.

We were incredibly pleased to get so many letters, comments and feedback. They showed one more time how talented and open for creativity Ukraine is. Such energy exceeded our expectations, – Zlata Ognevich mentioned.

Gravity First version