Switzerland: Paolo Meneguzzi postpones new album

by Yann Messina 160 views

Ticino-born singer Paolo Meneguzzi, the 2008 Swiss Eurovision representative, announced his next album would be postponed most probably to September 2013.

The popular Swiss-Italian singer’s  new album was scheduled to be released last autumn in Switzerland and Italy right after the premiere of his latest single titled Fragile and after he had concluded some thirty successful concert dates during the summer with his Fragile Tour. The decision to postpone the release date of his forthcoming album was imposed by his record company who believed it was not the proper time for Paolo to release new material given the current crisis in the music industry and the harsh competition existing between Italian music artists.

Fans of the singer in Switzerland, Italy and abroad are of course utterly disappointed but nevertheless firmly support their favourite artist who is in permanent contact with them through the social networks. The album will probably be released in September and will be anticipated by a new single which is currently being remixed in studios by Paolo. The Swiss singer is also thinking whether to change or not the title of the album. The record was to be titled initially Fragile but will most probably be given a different and more powerful name for marketing purposes. However, the song Fragile will figure in the track list.

Paolo Meneguzzi, who failed to qualify Switzerland for the Eurovision final in Belgrade in 2008, is one of the ten most appreciated and listened Italian music artists in the world according to his record company. The singer is very popular amongst Swiss and Italian teenagers and enjoys fame in South America as well. This is the reason why a special care is given to his next album to ensure the best exposure possible and a maximum of success.