Albania: Adrian Lulgjuraj speaks to Esctoday

by Gafurr Sahiti 476 views had the opportunity to talk to Adrian Lulgjuraj, the singer who will represent Albania at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest.

Adrian, the Albanian lawyer and the rising star  is at the top of his music career. In May 2012 he won the prize ‘Best male artist’ at the festival Top Fest 9 and later  that year Adrian Lulgjuraj in duet with Bledar Sejko managed to win the 51st edition of Festivali i Këngës with a rock song. In the interview below you will get to know more about the Albanian entry Identitet and  Adrian’s road to Malmö 2013.

Hello Adrian.  First of all, can you tell us something about yourself?

I’m an Albanian singer who was born and lives in Montenegro. I am an egocentric guy who loves to hang out and meet new people. In 2005 I finished law school in Prishtina. After that I started working at court in my town, but knowing my big love for music I assembled a band which was named The sexy very much band and started to perform at clubs only to fulfill my love for music. After few years, my music career really started to have a busy schedule with performances at night clubs in Montenegro and in Albania, appearing at several music shows at the local TV channels. Before my participation at Festivali i Këngës 51, I also have been part of Top Fest 2012 where I was awarded with the  ‘Best male artist’ prize.

Back in December 2012 you won the strong competition of the 51st edition of the Albanian national festival, Festivali i Këngës, with a rock song called Identitet. A victory that gives you also the right to represent the country at Eurovision. How do you feel about it?

It is a great, magnificent feeling. Never felt before. Knowing that the festival “Festivali i Këngës” is the most popular and respectable music show in the Albanian musical world, it is an honor participating, but to win the competition??.  When you realize that after maybe 20-30 years, your name will be written at the wall of Festivali i Këngës’s winners,  you surely know that you are at the top of your career.

How did the idea come up to take part at Festivali i Këngës together with Bledar Sejko? Can you tell us something about the collaboration with Bledar who is also the author of the song?

Bledar and me are from Rock& Roll world. He is one of the most well known guitar players in Albania and I have  performed many times with him on stage. We are friends in private life. One day he called and told me that he has an idea to have an duet, so, thats how  the story begins..

You have already started working on the new version of the song, that will represent Albania at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest? How will the revamped version of Identitet sound like?

Yes, we started and we finished. The new version sounds more energetic.
We have an idea to rearrange the song and to put more hard rock elements. We got the green light from the Albanian Eurovision group that Albania would like to have an hard rock song at the Eurovision Song Contest this year, and after that, we were happy, because that is what we do the best.

You have already confirmed that you will sing in the Albanian language at Eurovision? Do the lyrics  of the song have a special message?

Yes, we have already decided that it will be in Albanian language. The lyrics have an message for all Albanians which live  all over the world that wherever you will go or whatever you will do, first and foremost  you should not  forget to be a good man and  you should  always represent your culture like a good Albanian.

All the Albanian entries at Eurovision have been accompanied with video clips? Are you going to have a preview video of the song?

Yes. We will start shooting for it  this week.

Only 3 months left till the big show in Malmö. How would  you prefer to perform  at the Eurovision next May?

Hmm. I’m not sure yet how we would like our performance to look like  in May. This  is going to be discussed after the shooting of the video clip.

Do you watch Eurovision Song Contest yourself?

Yes, sure. I am a Eurovision fan.

Do you have a message for the readers of

Be tolerant and share love, no matter what the color, language, or nationality you are. We are all people, we didn’t choose to be who we are, but we have to be better people than we were taught . Love & peace.

Esctoday team thanks Adrian Lulgjuraj for the interview and wishes him best of luck at Eurovision.

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