FYR Macedonia: Song Presentation Show on 27 February

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 237 views

MKRTV, the national broadcaster of FYR Macedonia has informed esctoday.com that Esma Redzepova and Vlatko Lozanoski will be presenting their Eurovision entry during  a special song presentation show scheduled to be held at the MKRTV Studios in Scopje, on 27 February.

This special song presentation show will be aired on 27 February in the evening  on MKRTV1, MKRTV Sat and will be streamed on the official Eurovision Song Contest website.  MKRTV has revealed to esctoday.com that both Esma and Vlatko will be treating the viewers with traditional folk songs from FYR Macedonia during the show, and will also be singing songs from their respective repertoires.

The title of Esma and Vlatko’s Eurovision entry is yet to be revealed.

Esma Redzepova and Vlatko Lozanoski were selected via an internal selection by MKRTV to represent FYR Macedonia at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö next May. Both artists are well known acts in their home country.

Esma Redzepova  enjoys fame  in many countries, specially throughout the Balkan region. She is well recognised for her humanitarian cause and has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Esma is a multi-talented artist who has showcased her skills both as singer and actress throughout her long career, having released a great number of albums and singles. She started her musical career at a tender young age.

Vlatko Lozanoski is a young singer who has slowly but steadily made a name for himself in FYR Macedonia and neighbouring Balkan countries. MKRTV this time has opted for a fresh new approach with a new formula, the combination of a young dynamic singer with an established well known and recognized senior artist. The broadcaster believes that their 2013 Eurovision representatives have a great potential. The official presentation of the 2013 FYR  Macedonian  entry is scheduled to be held at the end of February in a special televised show aired on MKRTV. The special presentation show will be held at the MKRTV Television Studio 3 at the MKRTV headquarters in Skopje.

FYR Macedonia debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1998 with Vlado Janevski is yet to win the event. The country’s best result at the Eurovision Song Contest has been a 12th placing in 2006.

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Cover Photograph: eurovision.tv