The running order for the Finnish UMK final confirmed

by Juha Repo 296 views

The Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE has confirmed the running order of the final of Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2013.

The final will be broadcast live from Barona Arena in Espoo on this Saturday, 9 February and the winner will be decided by the judging panel and the audience in a 50/50 division. There is only one round of voting.

The running order in the final:

  1. Arion – Lost
  2. Elina Orkoneva – He’s not my man
  3. Lucy Was Driving – Dancing all across the universe
  4. Krista Siegfrids – Marry me
  5. Last Panda – Saturday night forever
  6. Mikael Saari – We should be through
  7. Great Wide North – Flags
  8. Diandra – Colliding into you

Suvi Teräsniska, Johanna Iivanainen, Hanna Pakarinen, Emma Salokoski, Pernilla and Kaisa Vala will be performing at the interval act, put together and conducted by Mikael Konttinen and loosely based on his popular TV show Mikaelin naiset.

Mikael Konttinen told the Finnish Eurovision website recently that the interval show will be big, and he even hinted about a Finland-Sweden Eurovision themed friendly battle. He also won the website’s vote for the fans’ favourite artist of 2008.

Mikael Konttinen took part in the Finnish Eurovision final in 2008, Pernilla Karlsson sang the 2012 Finnish entry and Kaisa Vala was a finalists in UMK last year. Johanna Iivanainen took part in the Finnish final in 2011.

Watch Mikael’s performance at the 2008 Finnish final below:

The other interval act is hip-hop act Teflon Brothers feat. Meiju Suvas and StigScandinavian Hunks. Stig was the UMK runner-up, while Meiju Suvas first graced a Eurovision stage in 1981, singing backing vocals for Titanic by Frederik. She had a very successful career in Finnish schlager and took part in the Finnish national final in 1983.

See a video for this collaboration below:

The Finnish final will be on YLE TV2, YLE HD and TV Finland on Saturday and streamed via YLE Areena and