France: Dan Ar Braz on the roads with Celebration

by Yann Messina 306 views

Famous Celtic musician Daniel Le Bras, better known as Dan Ar Braz, who represented France together with the band L’Héritage des Celtes in Oslo in 1996 bringing the first ever entry entirely sung in Breton language Diwanit bugale on the Eurovision stage, is back on the road with his latest album entitled Celebration.

Released at the end of 2012, Dan Ar Braz‘s new album is about the celebration of musical creation, of talented musicians, of Celtic roots. It is about sharing and the transmission of values. Celebration usually refers to happy reunions, happy encounters and this is definitely the aim of this album and Dan Ar Braz’s new series of concerts.

Together with 2 singers – Clarisse Lavanant & Morwenn Le Normand –, 8 Breton musicians and the Bagad Kemper virtuosi, Dan Ar Braz composed a magnificent tribute to his native land: Brittany. Once more, Dan Ar Braz proves that it is still possible to create true anthems that can stick in mind at first hearing and give a universal dimension to songs mixing rock elements with Celtic sounds.

Regularly voted as one of the top 10 guitarists in the world by music professionals, Dan Ar Braz, 20 years after the huge success of L’Héritage des Celtes – more than 1,000,000 copies sold – will share his new songs with the audience on the most prestigious stages of France and the Celtic regions. All dates are listed in our event section.