Switzerland:Lys Assia is back

by Robin Scott 446 views

It has been announced that Lys Assia, the Grand Dame of Eurovision, will be at the contest in Malmö this year.

She will not be representing any participating country but instead will be a special guest. Via her facebook page Ms Assia expressed thanks to all of her fans for their continuing support and will be meeting as many as she can during her time at the Contest. She has said that she may even do a little singing.

She performed at the very first Eurovision Song Contest, which was held in Lugano, Switzerland on the 24th May 1956. Each country presented two songs. For her it was Das Alte Karussell and Refrain, with which she achieved first place. Lys was back in the contest the following year in 1957 with the song L’enfant que j’etais,

She next participated in 1958, again for Switzerland. This time the song was Giorgio and only missed winning by 3 points.

As a guest she has attended the Contest on a number of occasions including when it was held in Gothenberg 1985, in Birmingham 1998 and last year in Baku.

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