San Marino: Lys Assia denies participation

by Leonardo Taddei 4,467 views

As reported by the Sammarinese website Il Giornale, the singer who will represent the Serenissima Repubblica in the Eurovision Song Contest could be the famous Lys Assia, winner of the first edition for Switzerland.

On Friday night messages posted on the Lys Assia twitter account and Facebook page told people to expect an announcement at midnight and that some selected websites had been sent a press release about it.

In the end at least published the press release, where Lys Assia denies she would sing for another country in 2013, but at the same time seems to hint she is negotiating about some role in Malmö after all.

Rumors claiming her to compete for San Marino had been already spread on 20 December 2012 by many websites, but only two days ago, on 3 January 2013, Il Giornale released the news to its audience, maybe because of the mysterious announcements Lys Assia wrote on her official Facebook profile in the meanwhile.

The first one stated:

Hello, my love ones! Very exciting news is coming soon! In the meanwhile take a break and enjoy my lovely song All in your head.

And the second one, just a few days later:

Yes, I would be delighted to represent another country at the Eurovision Song Contest. My music goes beyond borders. New, musical news is coming your way.

Moreover, there is also a preexisting link between Lys Assia and the little European country: the person who produced her new single All in your head is Ralph Siegel, well known in the Eurovision Song Contest history for being the producer and the composer of several entries, included The social network song (Oh oh uh oh oh) performed by Valentina Monetta in 2012 just for San Marino.

The 88 years old lady, who came 8th in the Swiss national final in December 2011 and failed to reach it again just a few weeks ago, would be, if selected, the second foreign singer to compete for San Marino, after Senit in 2011, and this would be her fourth participation in the contest, but with the fifth song, as in 1956 she sang Das alte Karussel and Refrain( the winning entry), in 1957 L‘enfant que j’étais and in 1958 Giorgio.

We are still waiting for information from San Marino about their representative. Lys Assia is expected to announce her news at the end of the month.