Memories from Baku

by Michalis Vranis 180 views

What a year!

2012 belongs to the past and our eyes are now set on 2013. The new year is here and hopefully it will be a good year full of changes for everyone and especially our beloved contest.

From this year onwards the Eurovision Song Contest will not be the same as we know it. All the changes we were introduced the past few months will take place in Malmö. New logo, new rules and a new approach to the fans and journalists will change the face of Eurovision for good.

But wait… was in Baku, Azerbaijan last year and captured all the moments of the contest’s preparation. From Day 1 till the very last moment the cameras of gathered a very big collection of video footage!

Our videographer mr Robin Scott has been editing the raw footage from rehearsals, shows, parties, interviews, cruises, and concerts creating this fabulous documentary entitled “Memories from Baku”. This is our new year’s present to all of you.

Have a great year and enjoy!